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Definition of Cooperative Learning According To Some Experts

Definition of Cooperative Learning According To Some Experts-Good morning everybody, may today everything is under the control, amin. BahasaInggrisDasar.com will share again, this morning BahasaInggrisDasar.com will share about ''Definition of Cooperative Learning According To Some Experts''. My last sharing was about "Definisi, rumus, time signal, contoh dan kegunaan dari simple past perfect tense".

Okay back to the title, Cooperative Learning According to Slavin (2005), cooperative learning is a variety of teaching methods in which students work in small groups to help each other learn academic content. Slavin (2005) further elaborates that in cooperative learning, students are expected to help each other, discuss and argue with one another, asses each other’s current knowledge and fill in gaps in each others’ understanding. 

Moreover, another definition proposed by Suprijono (2011) who defines cooperative learning as a range of concepts which is usually directed by teachers where the teachers decide some tasks, prepare the material and designed information to help the students in solving some problems. As explained by Rizan (2007), cooperative learning is a learning approach which has been proven to culminate positive results and outcome. This approach is believed in enhancing students’ performance and achievement in various subjects and aspects of the language and producing positive social outcomes (Slavin, 2005). 

In conclusion, it can be inferred that cooperative learning is a range of concepts which places students in some groups to solve the problems given cooperatively. As a result, when the teachers decide some tasks and prepare the material, the students are asked to work in group and help each other to solve some problems. It is believed that cooperative learning can be used as an approach to enhance students’ achievement and their social skill.

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